So much of our lives seem to be spent in front of technology these days, the virtual experience, filtered through the screen has replaced an enormous amount of our connection to each other, and to nature. We are bleary eyed and burnt out, much of the time ..or perhaps that’s just me, as I sit in front of a screen again..typing this! Ah but I have a plan…this weekend, PC off, phone off, out to the wilds of glorious Connemara…deep breaths, Atlantic Ocean to the left, stunning Mountain ranges to the right…sanity restored to my psychological centre (at least temporarily!).

Whilst technology is (almost!) unavoidable and of course has its place, stepping away from the screen, powering off, and getting outside, so that we connect with ‘real’ reality, with one another, and with nature, can make an incredible difference to our mental health and happiness.

I’ve prepared these two versions of mini-posters that carry this with my own quote, and one from Jon Kabat-Zinn. ¬†Click the images for full size and feel free to share, if you like them.