We’ve designed a free Mindfulness Poster around the concept of ‘Being Mode’ (as opposed to ‘doing mode’) which you can print to help you or your clients/students visualise easily the simple concept of returning to the breath. This might be useful in a mindfulness session as a quick visual cue (as long as you come back to the breath or other object of meditation afterwards!), or when teaching mindfulness.

There are two versions, blue and green, with slightly different emphasis on elements which are descriptive of mindful presence, or mindfulness. Both emphasise the connection to nature which can be helpful in cultivating mindful awareness, though of course in reality, mindfulness (with practice!) can be achieved regardless of external situation, location or conditions – so provided you are breathing, you can be mindful!

The free mindfulness posters are in PDF format for printing, so you’ll need PDF reader software (such as the free Adobe Reader) to be able to open/print them.

mindfulness being mode poster - copyright positive minds 2015

  1. poster1-blue-mindfulness-being-mode (PDF for printing – A4 size)




2. poster2-green-mindfulness-being-mode – PDF for printing A4 size

Please feel free to print, use and distribute as you wish if you think it’s useful, (subject to please leaving the copyright attribution in place), thanks! If you find it helpful, and think others would too, a social share is always appreciated 🙂