We generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become too much to handle and we begin to wonder whether we can really cope with the pressures that are placed upon us. Anything that poses a challenge or becomes a threat to a persons well being is usually referred to as “stress.”

Some say that a certain amount of stress is actually healthy for the mind, and it only becomes damaging when the pressures involved begin to undermine a person’s physical and mental health. Coping with stress, irrespective of how big or small of an issue it is, can be a difficult and challenging time in life. Having said this, there are a number of things that can be done to combat those negative feelings that can be felt from stress.

From practicing relaxation techniques to implementing a physical exercise regime, the following are some suggestions that can be used to relieve the feeling of stress and its negative effects.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Engage in Physical Exercise

image - man walking on beach - coping with stressOne of the best ways to combat the effects of pressure is to examine your physical exercise pattern,
pinpoint the problematic areas and make the appropriate changes. Lack of effort and commitment are the main reasons why the majority of people do not engage in regular exercise – does that sound familiar to you? Giving your body the chance to exercise and get fit will help tremendously, as even the most gentle exercise has the ability to decrease stress hormones and release endorphins to give you a refreshing
feeling of well being.

Get a Sufficient Amount of Sleep

Although it may be difficult to sleep due to the stresses that you’re facing, it’s crucial that your body gets the chance to shut down and rest. Getting enough sleep gives your body and mind time to recuperate and restore your energy levels, which in turn enables you to better cope with whatever life has to throw at you. Research states that 7 – 8 hours per night is recommended, as is sticking to regular bed times and getting up times.

Eat Nutritious Foods

It’s no secret that diet plays a huge part in how the mind and body functions as a whole. When feelings of pressure set in and your mind is feeling stressed, it’s important that you follow a healthy eating plan and give your body the strength and nutrients that it needs. Eating wholesome foods at regular intervals throughout the day, increasing your consumption of water and the cutting out of caffeine and alcohol are all practices that are recommended.

Practice Some Relaxation Techniques

Learning and incorporating some relaxation techniques into your daily routine can make a tremendous amount of difference to your stress levels. Practicing relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, or simply listening to your favourite music, will enable your body to physically and mentally unwind and feel free.

As well as making positive changes to your lifestyle, changing your overall attitude and outlook on life can also help to drastically reduce feelings of pressure and stress.

Changing your Attitude

Practice the Power of Positive Thinking

Practising positive thinking will not only help you to acknowledge all the good things in your life, but it will also help you to appreciate these aspects of your life, so as to keep the stressful and worrying areas in perspective as one part of your life, not the whole of it. Acknowledging and appreciating all the positives, and finding time for gratitude for even the little good things that happen on an everyday basis, from having a nutritious meal, or warm clothes, health if you have it, to a roof over your head to seeing your new nephew smile, can help improve your feeling of well being.

Coping with stress is difficult, regardless of what the burdening issue may be. Taking advice on board and applying it to your own situation may take time and initially may not eradicate the troubling issue that’s on your mind, but it can help you to keep it in perspective, so as to gradually cope with it better and retain happiness in your life.