Positive Minds develop online tools and resources for individuals and organisations interested in or providing mental health services, including mental health, psychology and mental health promotion professionals, counsellors, mental health agencies etc.

We develop :

Websites, apps, e-books, digital media (infographics, video) and e-learning courses, in association with digital partner, Meerkat Solutions.

Our focus is on developing online tools and resources to enhance mental health. This includes utilising Positive Psychology and Mindfulness ( MBSR, MBCT ) approaches, Nature Connectedness, Environmental Psychology and Eco Psychology approaches to enhance well-being, manage stress and improve mental health.Eva Collins


Positive Minds was founded by Eva Collins, BA (Hons) Philosophy & Psychology, BSc. (BIT), Dip. Mgmt., RQTU (BPS).

Eva splits her time between her time between running her Galway based Web Development company Meerkat Solutions, her post-grad Psychology studies and developing Positive Minds as an online mental health resource.

She is an Associate member of IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) an affiliate member of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland) and BPS (British Psychological Society). She is also qualified in Psychometric Testing : Ability and Personality (British Psychological Society Level A&B).

Her academic interests include Health Psychology (mental health), Environmental Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Psychology of Personality .

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Positive Minds is Registered in Galway, Ireland.  Reg. No. 511746.

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